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    2000 Genesis carb nightmare

    As I've been putting this ski back together from it coming to me in boxes I see the previous owner had no patience and common sense he cut every line going to the carbs. Now I sit here searching and cursing trying to figure out what lines go where anyone please help!!!!

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    the two aluminun color fittings that would be pointing straight back are the pulse lines and connect to the motor under the reed cages.of the 3 brass fittings the 2 outer most are feed thru a tee and connect to the fuel tank.the remaining brass fitting on the center carb is the return and also goes to the tank.of the 2 lines that go to the tank,you can removed the gas cap and blow air with you lungs into those lines and determine which is which.if the fuel in the tank bubbles when you blow thats the feed line,if it doesn't thats the return line
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    This should help you.
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    Thank you for all the info. I can't wait to get this ski on the water and time is running out here in Missouri

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