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    Recomend me a jetski - It's probably been asked a 1000 times but...........

    Hi I'm looking for a new ski and anyone with some advice


    • Race my mates around tight courses / mangroves and beat them
    • play hard in the surf - trying not to get smashed in the broken waves and just as they break
    • jumping, flipping and spinning on the waves

    Care most about in order

    • Must have a rear step or be able to fit one (tired fat bloke can't get back on )
    • Engine response at all engine speeds - no turbo's or high revving engines
    • quick change of direction
    • tight turning circle at speed without washing off too much speed
    • hard to get water into it when it flips or rolls in the surf
    • Easy to get water out of it when it does


    • Good fuel range

    Don't care about
    • Comfort
    • how it goes in the chop
    • looks
    • top speed


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    Not to sound like a jerk but let me know when you find this ski...I think it's what everybody has been looking for. lol.

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    well.., being a die-hard Sea-Doo/BRP fan: the RXP-X fits all those;
    EXCEPT for the fuel economy requirement.

    this 260h.p. beast can consume 16 gallons of fuel in just under an hour in 'SPORT' mode.
    It'll do 0-65 in the 3.5 sec. range and turn corners like its on rails.
    The hull was designed specifically for closed course racing.

    There is a factory 'ECO' mode in the ECM, which greatly improves fuel economy;
    but seriously hampers top speed/ acceleration.

    There are inherent maintenance issues with the P-X, primarily with the supercharger:
    but you have to "pay to play"

    Good luck with your search, I hope this helps.

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    Yamaha vxr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miamifzs2013 View Post
    Yamaha vxr.
    Probably the 2015 as he said he is out on the ocean?

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    Right'o , I've said it before,, and I'll say it again .. What you need is a good second hand 07 or 08 or 09 or 2010 model GTI SE 155.. Then spend a bit of $$ on it where you've saved a heap instead of buying brand new on some rev head shit like an after market exhaust, grate, prop, re- bore and oversize pistons and a nice big lumpy cam .. Get yourself a non bullshitcharger, good old wholesome NA motor that goes like a scolded cat .. The hull actually has the ability to turn super hard and fast as was proven in the world title sit down circuit races of that era.. Its a seriously cool thang to rip, tear and fang around, and it'll give your supercharged buddies a good run for their money ., Although, they can take a little bit more mastering in the high seas, you'll still have a barrel of fun on this highly strung, thrashing machine .. I used to have one .. Not sure if it was possessed by the devil, or just plain evil !!
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    Sounds to me like you need a stand up!!! Lol. Flipping, spinning, jumping, you don't care about top speed or handling in the chop, and they corner as good as you can make them..

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    It doesnt really exsist. None of todays couches are ment to "play hard in the surf" just too big and heavy even if you have the balls you will be tired fast, or get hurt, granted that will help with the fuel econemy you are looking for. And the "jumping flipping and spinning on the waves"? I guess that depends on your definition of a jump, a flip, or how far you have to turn to be consodered a spin.

    The bright side? For all that is lacking in 2/3 of your uses, they make up for with your 1st listed use. There is alot of power and speed availble today. that is after all, been the major concern/answer to manufacture's since the emmisions requirments changed back in what was it '07 stoping the use of oil burners in many of our toys both on land and on the water.

    I just got back into skis recently myself and was so under whelmed with the overall fun factor of todays skis... i mean sure going super fast in a stright line is fun and all, hell even them high speed corners can be arm breaking fun. But i was watching all these new machines out in the surf for about a year, as the twins were getting old enough that the boat was no longer a requiment...... there were no skies to watch out in the surf, they were all behind the islands hauling ass in protected waters.

    With a cash budget of $12k remaining after the wife decided that yamaha's old 4-seater SUV would best suit her needs for the full day, and occasional weekend trips we enjoy. My turn! After multiple hours spent reserching, talking to friends, strangers, and a couple people i met here on the hulk getting the suv running, I ended up with the same ski I had when we sold our old ones years earlier. A 13 year old 135hp carberated smoker. Even with my fat ass on it, better hang on outa the hole and 64gps with just a couple key mods for accelleration/hook-up in the surf, . I aint the fastest but i ride exclusively in the surf, and have a hell of alota fun getting there. And can do it for hours and hours non stop..... after sucking more gas outa the masive tank of the SUV that is.

    All that fun has a down side tho, it gets lonely. Every now and then a big ol' turbo spinning 1/2 ton 250+hp machine ventures over to the open water, but with only 2-3 foot swells on our ruffest of days, going fast results in just bouncing from wave top to wave top, I mean ya sure, you cought air, you just went horizontal instead of vertical. Or worse yet, tring to time the swells, so he can get the vertical momentum needed only to run outa ramp just as ski is finally is starting to hook up in the chop, resulting in a glorified hard hitting wheelie at best. All the while the fat guy on the old ass 2stroke is just launching off one right into the next and throwing it in a differnt direction every time as if he was on a bmx or something.

    If i were shopping today i would be taking a hard look at BRP's Spark, might not win the race but, under 500lbs=fun, and greater than 500lbs= shoulda just got the boat.

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    Seadoo Gti 155 or gtr 215 playfull ski's. My gtr love's wave jumping

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    Echo is absolutely may want to check out the Spark. It has a monster power to weight ratio but not the super top speed you're looking for but for jumping, spinning...

    Here's Xdrian, he's a member here and kicks ass on his Spark.

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