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    96 SLTX Speedo Pickup

    Where is the pickup for the speedometer.
    May have picked up some FOD or leaves in it.
    May have picked up FOD while backing out of a shallow launch site.
    Been reading zero or very low.

    Any help will be much appreciated...

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    The speedometer pickup is a pitot fin located inside the pump tunnel, just above the intake grate. It is white plastic.

    The pitot connects to a clear plastic tube which runs up to the back of the MFD display. It you remove the tube from the back of the display you can blow air or water down through the tube to clear out the clog.

    Also check that the clear tube is not cracked or kinked where it connects to the small pitot nipple, located directly under the driveshaft inside the hull. The plastic nipple is somewhat fragile.

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