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    New to me js 550 questions please

    recently acquired a 85 JS550 and have some questions regarding it. I bought it to get into the standup world lol. It has 180 psi in both holes. Aftermarket exhaust, supertrapp waterbox, K&N. Previous owner was running amsoil at 50:1. Should i be running more oil in it? I run 40:1 Pennzoil full synthetic in my SS sitdown. Also he is running B7ES plugs. Some people were mentioning to me that these plugs are hot and should run some other kind. Also the plug caps dont click on like they should and was thinkin bout just running new plug ends but might be an issue of the wire length. Any inputs here? Also moving to the gas tank. The fill cap on the front of the ski is blocked off with a plate and the tank is blocked off underneath. So u only can fill with gas by removing unscrewing the cap on all the pickup lines. Dont really like the setup. Was thinkin about an aftermarket oversize gas tank anyways just unsure if it will fit in space i have. Also the handlebar has a bit of side to side movement not bad though but will probably need some new bushings. Any input you have will be greatly appreciated as i enter this whole different world of standups I will post some pics. Thanks

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    180psi is not stock. You'll need to run premium fuel or race mix. 40:1 is what you should run with your Penzoil. My bro-in-law runs the BR7 is his ski but I only run the BR8 in mine. I also think the 7's are too hot. You could have some worn bushings in the steering OR the play might just be in the cable to ball study matchup. Replacement TB05em boots will fix your plug cap problem. If your wires get too short they can be redone at JetSkiSolutions.

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