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    Coolant hoses on wrong, plus second video

    Sorry about posting 3 thread about the same problem, this will be the last. But I need all pro on this. So I come home day and before taken the head off I frist what to see if she was air locked so I let a tiny bet of coolant out from the back and then open the coolant cap to see if she would bubble or over flow again. It did not. Plus as I was taking the intake off to look at the intercooler I notice the coolant bottle hoses was in the wrong spot, it was were the oil cooler hose should be. So the coolant was in the front of the pump a the oil cooler hoses was on the side. So two of the oil cooler hoses were on the side of the coolant pump. This is not how the picture or my rxp-x 255 is so would this give me my over heating problem. Please help I'm all missed up now.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	343749See the light hoses that were they have the coolant bottle hose. And the place with no hoses is were the light hose is at

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    The tube with no hose goes to the ride plate. The coolant bottle would go in the spot on the back side of the black hose. How is the ride plate connected?

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    Your right. I would love to see a video on how the pump works

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    here you go, he has more video's off the oil system and overall technicks

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    Thank you. So now I see why the coolant was overflowing, some BRP mechanics needs to go back to school. Or stop all together.

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    Here's a good fact!! That experienced Seadoo mechanics should Know!! Seadoo pump pressure gets over 100 psi, verified by guys who gauged it, and by a Well Respected Seadoo Mechanic.

    It was a debatable topic, when I switched over to Yamaha I was told That a Yamaha pump produces more pump pressure than a Seadoo, Totally False Nowhere even close!!

    I personally pulled a hose directly from my pump and It was no where near the pressure a Seadoo produces...

    This is just a true Fact I thought I share...

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    Thanks, good to know, It makes me crazy, when hoses are performed to go to one place and then they twist and turn it to go somewhere else. Do they not realize something's wrong. This is not the only time I got burned by a BRP mechanic. Frist was a thirst washer not put back and all most destroyed my engine. Some glad I learned to do it my self. Oh and thanks to everyone here, for helping and putting up with me .

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    Problem fixed coolant hoses were all on wrong. Know over flowing, bubbling, check engine and hi temp. So pumped.

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