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    How to keep iBR Gate open on spark

    Here's a way I found to keep the iBR gate open indefinitely after the Spark is turned off. Hadn't seen anything posted yet.


    1: Clip on safety
    2: Start & rev engine just enough to trigger Forward motion (which raises gate)
    3: Unclip Safety, as it's shutting off, Re-Clip Safety (should beep 2x)- must be done quickly
    4: iBR Gate should stay up indefinitely until restarted. The screen will time-out with safety in shortly (or you can remove it afterwards and it will stay up)

    Video here:

    This is good for inspecting impeller & spraying lube in. Haven't tried replacing the wear ring keeping this up yet to see if it's any easier, but will soon. I would remove battery terminal though with it up & servicing, just to be safe.
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