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    Worx Intake grate?

    Does anyone have any test info on how a Worx FZ intake grate is compaired to a R&D intake grate? Here is the Link to the Worx intake grate The front wing looks a lot different. Tommy Jordan

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    I use the worx grate on my fzr, it works great pick up was noticeably diff, I haven't used the r&d one but sure someone will have.

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    I just received the R&D grate. Going to test this weekend. Not impressed with the casting quality. Stock one is real smooth and straight. R$D is real rough and "Casty" if that makes sense?? I guess I will see...

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    That's normal for their grates. If the Worx grate is anything like the rideplate, the casting on it is even rougher. My worx rideplate was like 80 grit sandpaper rough until I smothed it down some.

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