About a month ago I came into possession of 2 Polaris skis for free. They were abandoned over a year ago. 1 was a 93 SL650 and the other a 96 SL700. I decided to part the SL650 out and see about keeping the SL700. I found out how to go about getting a title for it and its really not very difficult. I'm currently waiting for the paperwork to come back. I'm very impatient so I started working on it. I cleaned the fuel and oiling system, cleaned carbs, and cleaned the CDI out. I was finally ready to try to fire it up today. It wouldn't start so I checked the spark plug gap and they were wrong. I set gap to .20 and it fired right up. It smoked a lot at first but this ski hasn't been run since probably 06 but after running a while the smoke subsided. It fires right up so I'm excited. This winter I'm going to rebuild the jet pump and carbs. After all is said and done I'll have about $200 or less in it.