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    Corrosion around pump and ride plate?


    I picked up a 2011 FX SHO a few weeks ago which was a few thousand cheaper than others being advertised, it only had 50 hrs on the clock and was completely stock. It appears to me that the ski has not been cleaned and washed down after use, this weekend I pulled the pump out (to replace the pump cone) and after removing the curtains could see a lot of river sand still in places etc.
    More importantly I see "white spots" on top of the ride plate and over most of the pump components, is this corrosion of some sort?
    The guy i got it from was a wake boarder who rides in a river which is mostly fresh water (brackish at best) but it may have sat in the water for days at a time while camped at the river.
    I had a FXHO for 2 years and washed it down well and never saw these white spots, so now I have them what are they and how do I get rid of them?


    Dave Dundas
    2011 FX SHO

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    I got those spots on my SHO after leaving it in the water for a few days. Didn't do a forensic analysis but thought it looked like some sort of dissimilar metal corrosion from suspended micro particles of decomposed granite in the lake water, in the sunlight the water glistens from that....

    An hours work had it brush off with no obvious signs remaining. Mostly used a nylon mag wheel brush (not wire!) and my hand while wearing a leather gardening glove.

    I suspect river water would do the same thing.

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    I hit it with a few different things. I mix of a soapy car\truck wash mixed with some Saltaway and hit it with some mag wheel cleaner and thenused a power washer to blast off it all off, I hit it a couple of times and its certainly looking much better now. Just some of the stubborn spots and in hard to get places still have some spots but other parts look like new. I good scrub would do wonders as well I expect.
    Any other suggestions of what people have used?

    FX SHO

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    just spray the whole thing with a light oil. I spray mine down with crc 656 after every ride. Buy a gallong and put it a squirt bottle, spray the inside hull with it too. works great. Salt only for me and 4 yo trailer and leaf springs still look brand new!

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    Corrosion is a mofo specially with salt water Flush it with a hose the best You can and spray it down wd,crc etc

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