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    What oil do you use in your Sea Doo?

    These threads pop up every now and again, but the responses are often all over the place. What oil do you prefer and why? It is my understanding that we can use any JASO MA2 certified oil in our machines. I've stuck to Sea Doo oil in the past but I am considering a switch this time around.

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    What I ran, with a surcharged/seadoo.. Specially since I run the same Brand on my race Cars for Years

    Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 10W-40 Fully Synthetic.

    Why if You read comes down to the clutches and operation.. Turbo pick Your poison!!!

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    I run BRP Oil. No problems so far. 136hrs. Changed every 25hrs.

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    I run Rotella 5w40 syn changed every 20hrs no issues

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    I use mobil 1 , never any problems.

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    Brad Penn MC oil

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    I use the motorcycle mobil 1 oil for jaso cluches

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    If you're changing your oil every 20 hours you are wasting your money. Contrary to popular belief oil never wears out, it only becomes contaminated with combustion by products. Any particles are caught in the filter and particles less that 10 micron pass through the filter but do no harm due to their small size. Sludge is not an issues with these engines like an automotive engine. If you're SC, then fuel dilution of the oil is an issue, so change at 50 hours to be safe, or have a used oil analysis done for peace of mine

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