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    HKS BOV Vaccum Source

    Any Body Here Running A Hks BOV And Where Can I Get Vaccum Source Beside the 3 nipples on the runners or any body have them connect to any of the nipples help !!!

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    Hks or any blow off always use a dedicated vacuum source of the intake manifold. Drill tap put you a small barb fitting

    just seen You have a seadoo.. Plastic intake... Easy drill out one of the pre formed nipples with a small drill bit .

    pull intake off head ( really after all it's plastic but I cannot and will not tell some ethically) to just drill it through but it can be done being plastic because the shavings will be burned and will not harm motor.

    However, once again... That's what to do.... ethically pull intake and catch shavings

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    I drilled out the small pipe that is on the inlet manifold with a 2.5 mm drill works fine just need to unbolt ecu mounting screws to get access

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