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    2013 ultra lx wont restart after warm sometimes

    So I have not thought much of it as the ski always does restart but its a bit of an annoyance. first noticed it on my first long trip ski only had about 5 hours on it but after about a 40 mile ride up the river i had to stop and wait for some friends to catch up in their boat. i stopped turned the ski off and waited once they arrived i pressed the start button it just made a soft clicking noise no real attempt from the ski to try and start didn't even here the starter go. After about three attempts I heard the starter go and it fired up. It has done this a few times since then mostly after lengthy ride of 45 min or longer. I don't ride overly hard usually cruise around 40 mph or so. This past weekend we went on a run the trip back was about 40 miles ran about 40-45 mph the whole way back put the ski on trailer and brought it home but when i went to flush it at the house it did the same thing again I did notice the water temp gauge read 100 degrees which i found weird as it had sat for about an hour by this time and very rarely reads that high except in July when the water itself is about 88 degrees any idea whats causing this? the ski is still under warranty probably wont take it in till March for Service but would like to give the dealer an idea of what to look for as I know the response i will get from them is they found nothing wrong if it doesn't do it while it's there.

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    Loose battery connection or solinoid connection


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    Yep battery or cable related

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    +2 on the Loose cable connections. Start with the battery then move back from there and report back. The water temp thing is normal as the water sitting in the intercooler where the sensor is becomes extra warm from not being circulated. Once you get water flowing back through it will report the proper water temp..

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