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    wastegate solenoid valve

    i had a problem with my msx 150 was only revving 5800rpm i checked the oil and yes it was overfilled so i cleaned all the intake hoses and ic changed both map sensors and o2. i had no luck still 5800rpm . what iam not sure about is the solenoid valve. i check the solenoid with about 18psi and a 12volt supply it bypass the the flow from port to port. my question is when the engine is at idle should the solenoid be energized? mine its not. its venting straight to the wastegate actuator therefore no boost is building in the turbo.

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    Ouch... another case of oil ingestion... and stuck at ~5800 rpm. Seen a bunch of these show up here this year. Do a search here for "oil ingestion" in the MSX/Matrix section... lots of good info in threads there. Here's some to read:

    As for the wastegate solenoid ("valve")... your test sounds like yours is working properly. If it switches ports under pressure... it's good. Is the solenoid energized at idle? I don't think so. The ECU cycles this solenoid to control boost. At idle... your not making any boost... so I don't see a need for the ECU to be cycling it. As the engine revs and boost builds... then the ECU will start working it to achieve the desired boost levels.

    ~5psi of boost seen at the wastegate actuator... will open the wastegate... and boost will stop rising. Until 5psi of boost is created... (~3k rpms)... the wastegate is closed and boost will rise. ECU will take over around this time to keep boost building or stop it as it sees fit. Yours sounds like it is working properly.

    I think your problem is the stuck ECU after oil ingestion... stuck bad sensor readings (even though new sensors are now in place) causing bad running. It could possibly clear itself with some run time... or might need an ECU reflash.


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    thanks for you reply. ok hope it will clear it self then since no one have a digital wrench in Malta.

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