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    Just fitted supertech valves. Sensor problem please help.

    Hi guys I've been on all day and just fitted the new supertech valves.
    Move got it all back together and I wnt to turn it over in drown mode but as soon as I put the key in it beeped around 3 times and keeps beeping. On the cluster it says "sensor" then "east" I dont want to turn it over untill I find the problem. Any ideas on what it will be?

    Huge Thanks jamie

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    recheck all your connectors.

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    I did recheck but I couldn't see any missed connectors. I will check again in the morning just incase but when I also put the key in and pulled the throttle cable all the way in, I didn't get ghe long beep to tell me it's in drown mode?

    I pressed set 5 times and it just flashed up "end" :/

    any ideas of what I've done or missed?


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    is it that machine in the pic, an 04 gtx ltd? and did you key it up out of the water?

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    Two connectors fit into each other.
    Did you reverse them?
    I think it's the temp sensor on head... And maybe knock sensor?
    Fhey are both 2 pin harnesses and they interchange physically. But will throw sensor codes etc.

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    Let me know if you find the two I'm talking about.
    If not il be in shop tomorrow and see exactly which two sensors can be swapped

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    Did you cross the oil pressure switch with the TOPS?

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    Check that the waterbox sensor is plugged in!

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    Huge thanks for all the replies guys!

    .yeah waterbox sensor is plugged in ( that's the longest hsrness wire sensor)
    . I don't think I disconected the knock sensor as we just let inlet manifold hand over the side so just unplugged what we needed to give us room.
    .slow 91 I don't think so I don't think they would reach when I plugged them back in but I'll recheck. I'm sure only one of them would fit the oil pressure switch and the shorter one would only reach the tops.
    .yeah that's the machine pictured the GTX 04 , what do you mean key it up out of the water? If you mean did I start it on the drive then yes I did mate.

    Here are some pictures of the plugs:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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Name:	image.jpg 
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