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    Thumbs up (Not ski related but BOAT related)

    Wanted to share some pictures we took ... were out on my 35 foot Sea Ray today. Headed to Pasadena to Mike's Crab House on Rock Creek.

    LOL 30 foot whaaaat?

    At the pier:

    Picture of Rock Creek ... view from Mike's:

    Where was I? LOL Mike's!!!!

    View of the pier. If you go to Mike's be careful the bird **** is ridiculous on the piers. LOL.

    Picture of us heading home. Our good friends getting a great view of the sunset heading back home.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Doesn't look like Pasadena, TX, nor Pasadena, CA. I'm out of Pasadenas. Are there more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingZiggy View Post
    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Doesn't look like Pasadena, TX, nor Pasadena, CA. I'm out of Pasadenas. Are there more?
    Pasadena, MARYLAND. So yes, there are more pasadena's.

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    There is a Pasadena island here, and also a City of South Pasadena

    1. South Pasadena
    2. City in FloridaSouth Pasadena is a city in southern Pinellas County, Florida, United States, near St. Petersburg. Weather: 79F (26C), Wind E at 6 mph (10 km/h), 79% Humidity]Local time: Monday 12:53 Population: 5,018 (2013)
    Like many other popular city names there are apperntly alot of pasadenes thoughout the states.

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    Guess there's lots of Pasadena's

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