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Thread: Low oil warning

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    Low oil warning

    I was out on the ski yesterday and the low oil warning came on
    It went into limp mode then check engine light came on
    I pulled over shut it off waited a couple minutes and check the oil level is fine
    Started it up after about 10 minutes and went out and everything worked fine then after about another 10 minutes the same thing
    Checked oil again it was still good
    Hung out for about an hour then started heading back to the ramp 10 miles and made it all the way back without any warning lights
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    welcome aboard the hulk!

    you might have a bad oil pressure sender, but you DO NOT want to be making guesses here.

    Have your dealer ( if warranty) of a very competent shop check the actual oil pressure.

    guess or ignore can easily cost you an engine.

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    Ok I will bring it
    Both times it happened it was at WOT

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    Welcome to the Hulk! How do you like your Spark so far? How many hours on it?

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    25 hours I love it

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    could be an internal issue with the oil pump or a bad any case knowing what the actual pressure is at wfo will give you peace of mind.

    Fairly common fault on the 4-tec model, so If I had to take a guess, I would make it the sender.

    If I start seeing for example that sparks also have a run on bad pressure senders, I'll get one for inventory...

    The way we work around here is that we give report the others can benefit.

    So don't forget to let everybody know how this got resolved.

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    Thank you
    I'm going to make appointment at the dealer tomorrow

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    You a dealer

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    My guess is a bad sensor, keep us posted brother.

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    Took it to the dealer yesterday all fluid level are fine and they got the check engine and low oil light to come on
    What the came up with is that the oil pressure sensor is no good

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