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    Gallery: JR Stars’ Ride With The Pros Day

    Each year, the JR Stars’ Program puts together a special event for young racers at the 2014 IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu, Arizona. This year, the event took an amazing turn that impacted the kids greatly. Chris Hagest teamed up with a few pros earlier in the year to spearhead the project. Working closely with multi-time world champion Tera Laho, and up and coming racer Anna Glennon, the JR Stars “Ride With the Pros Day” had a different spin for 2014.

    The kids were split up into different age groups and paired with talented pros like Tera, the Motzouris brothers, Mike Klippenstein and Kevin Reiterer. These pros would take the kids through various stations where other racers would give them some one on one tips on various subjects. Some of the clinics included: Race Preparation & Nutrition, Starts & Track Strategy, Staging, and Social Media & Sponsorships. Each booth was manned by racers who were well suited to the subject: Brock Austin, Josh Block, Stian Anderson and Phil Segers were some of the racers who pitched in.

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