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Thread: VX or FX?

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    VX or FX?

    I been in the market for a newer Yamaha. I started out looking at the VX's and now leaning toward a FX cause they are bigger and would probably not beat you up as bad on crowded lake days. I know the SHO's will use a good bit more gas than a VX. What about the new Nano hulls? I heard they are really hard to repair but 65 lbs lighter? Is it worth it? Any thoughts from people who have had both on all issues?

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    I purchased an '07 FX HO with just under 145 hours a month ago and I absolutely love it. It's definitely worth it compared to the VX when it comes to the extra power, storage, stability and comfort on the water. You really can't go wrong with the naturally aspirated FX models if you want a ski that is easy to live with and will be endlessly reliable as long as you don't neglect and abuse it.

    Mine will top out at 62 mph indicated @ 10,200 rpm which is plenty fast enough for a day's blasting around the water.

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    My VXR will do 67 gps all day uses very little handles like the
    old GPR's...this is not a BIG water rough water ski...very playfull and nice to ride...last year I left my FZR at home and took the VXR to the swamp (Mud Bug) ran great and I kept up eith everybody more or less. imho

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    I have a 2007 FX cruiser HO AND A 2007 VX cruiser the VX gets slightly better gas mileage and is better for jumping waves and its a little more nimble but the FX is a MUCH more comfortable ride and much more storage, and when you take long rides that's the way to go.

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