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    New to forum - Upgrade Kawasaki 250x to 310x SE ?

    This is my first year owning jet skis. I bought a pair of 2008 250x ski's (stock) last winter and put 40 hours on both of them this spring/summer on an inland lake in Michigan (usually low wake/flat). I'm still riding through fall and into winter thanks to a drysuit, which is fantastic as the lake is entirely empty now. The 250x's are great ski's and a great value for the $5500 each I spent on them at ~45hrs each (now at 87hrs each), but I have had some issues...

    One 250x has been flawless, sounds great and accelerates hard up to 62-63mph with me (I'm 6'6'' 260lbs so not the lightest rider). The other ski was sold to me (in winter when I could not test it) with a blown supercharger ($2.1k replacement). I took the opportunity to put on a new intake grate and impeller (sorry I don't recall which). The result was it was actually slower as it just didn't hook up and accelerate out of the hole as well. The grate definitely helped, especially in tight circles, but the impeller (flat blade IIRC) spun too freely and had issues catching and would over rev the engine to redline as a result while not really accelerating properly. It was slower in a drag by two ski lengths and only did 59-60mph top speed. I am in the process of putting the stock impeller back on now.

    Two weeks ago I picked up a new 2014 Seadoo RXPX 260 (will trade/sell one of the 250x's) when Seadoo was offering great end of season rebates and a 4 year warranty. The short of it is I couldn't be more impressed with the Seadoo. The handling is absolutely unreal, the PX slices through the water and the sports seat lets me turn on a dime. Electronic trim down and it literally launches vertically out of the water with weight on the back. It's a real riot and a blast to drive. It's limited to ~68mph (as stock at 8040 rpm) but now that I'm past 5hrs I'm seeing/holding 69mph at the 8040 and temporarily a little beyond, and throttle response is dramatically better than the 250x. I'm starting to look into mods but have mixed opinions on those given the 4 year warranty and realistic gains/value. Will do a separate review post on the RXPX for anyone interested.

    Given how much I've enjoyed the RXPX, I've been wondering if I will experience this same level of difference/excitement going from a 250x to a 310x as I did with the RXPX? I thought they were basically the same hull, just more power? If I find a great rebate and warranty offer with Kawasaki as I did Seadoo, I'm considering selling my other 250x and upgrading both. I do want two different manufacturer ski's for a diversity of ride experiences. I've ridden my friends 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO and it's definitely the fastest ski (on flat, stock) at 72mph, and has fantastic acceleration, but I don't fit well on the seat with it's humps given my height and the result is turning and stability is nervous at best the entire time and I just can't enjoy it like I can with Seadoo's sport seat or the Kawasaki with the flatter seat I can move around more on.

    Thanks in advance for any comments contrasting/comparing the 250x to the 310x SE and/or the RXPX.

    A few photos:
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    The 310 has better throttle response and much better acceleration than your p-x, It handles rough water better, and on the 310, it's cheaper and easier to remove the speed limiter than your P-X. The p-X needs a reflash while the 310 just needs an SCOM.
    The 310 won't carve turns better than your p-x without getting some handling mods first. The handling of the 310 is good(much better than your 250) but the P-X has the best hull for carving turns. If you are wanting to mod heavily, your RXP is better for that.
    Both will be a drastic improvement over your 250x in every way.
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    I took the 250x out for a ride, now that I'm used to the RXPX. It isn't even a comparison on fun factor, power, responsiveness, agility. Not to insult 250x owners, just don't try out a RXPX/SVHO/310x is all I'm saying. I'm going to try to sell both 250x's as a pair to make way for a 310x to accompany the RXPX.

    The RXPX pulls very hard (and is very playful leaping out of the water and jumping with different trim settings) but I'd presume the 310 is noticeably stronger given 50 additional horses. From what I'm reading, it looks like the 310x with a 2015 ECU and $200 SCOM will gain 3-4 mph over the stock limited 67 for 70-71, while a Vtech flash for $700 will gain 6-7 mph and get it up to 73mph (albeit voiding the warranty): . For what it's worth, my PX reads 69mph on the speedo at 8040rpm yet exactly the 67.5 manufactured spec'd limit on my GPS. I know the PX can be tuned up into the 80mph range, but I do want to preserve my 4 year warranty if possible on it (would not really care if it was just a 1 year warranty) and don't really want to spend more than $1500 or so on mods that have a noticeable difference.

    How much difference is there between the 310 SE and R? As far as I can tell, they have the same hull, engine, seat, power and the R just offers different handle bars and "further customization" whatever that means. I like the red color much better on the SE and the SE is also about $1500 cheaper it seems than the R. Is there any particular reason I should be desiring a 310R over 310SE?

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    I have the red 310SE with the SCOM and have owned the '13 RXPX. The handle bars are just as good as the RXPX but I don't do a lot of wave jumping. The 310R has the upgraded handlebars that look a lot like the RXPX.
    The biggest difference between the skis is how smooth the 310 is on the water compared to the RXPX which has a lot of noise from the plastic and thinner fiberglass hitting the water. The X would hit the waves with the front end whereas the 310 glides over them.

    The 310 s/c is a lot louder with a high pitched whine, it's hard to compare acceleration because they're really close, like 3 seconds to top speed .
    The X would hit 70 (intl stock), the 310 hits 72 with SCOM. The 310 can self-clean any weeds stuck to the intake if you steer to a sharp left, then to a sharp right - the X would need manual cleaning given the same water conditions.

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    Thanks for the comparison, it was very helpful. As I'm on an inland lake, it's rare that waves are ever an issue so Kawasaki's big wave abilities are mostly not needed. My 250's are louder with a nice SC whine too, I like that so look forward to keeping the better sound. It sounds like the SE is the way to go for me, and I definately prefer the looks of the red/black (especially next to the 2014 red/black RXPX) over the R green machine colors.

    How do you find the acceleration and thrill on the 310 SE compared to the RXPX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeR397 View Post
    I took the 250x out for a ride, now that I'm used to the RXPX. It isn't even a comparison on fun factor, power, responsiveness, agility
    You are comparing a 2014 Production Performance PWC to a Model that is 7+ years older. Not a fair comparison IMO. I for one agree that the new RXP-x is a fun machine. It pulls and accelerates hard - yet I am not so certain as hard as the Ultra-300 / 310 accelerates - which is known for it's impressive "from the dig - hole shot"...

    The Ultra hull is also known for it's ability to maintain "hook-up" in choppy / rougher waters - hence keeping the pump loaded and continuously propelling the craft in conditions not-so-favorable for its competition.

    Hence, if you are small lake / river running - and you are seeking speeds for flat water - my recommendation is for you to look elsewhere at a different PWC that may suit your personal watering hole's conditions better.

    Another note worth mentioning is that the Kawasaki Ultras don't like being put away "wet". Meaning if you leave your ski on the dock there and leave water in your water box - it may lead to pre-mature exhaust filter degradation and ultimately after time - lead to a corrosive combustion chamber.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeR397 View Post
    From what I'm reading, it looks like the 310x with a 2015 ECU and $200 SCOM will gain 3-4 mph over the stock limited 67 for 70-71.
    My 2012 Ultra-300x with less than 500 dollars in mods - got me to 74.0 MPH and while I know there's more in it - with cooler weather I have yet to find the time away from work to try to gain that other 1 mph - yet I believe it is there if conditions are right. So in my situation (bang for buck) - I got 7 MPH for 500 usd.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeR397 View Post
    How much difference is there between the 310 SE and R?
    2015 Ultra-310 SE = Candy Burnt Orange
    2015 Ultra-310 R = Lime Green

    2014 Ultra-310 SE = Sunbeam Red
    2015 Ultra-310 R = Lime Green

    Good Luck !!!

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    I'm on an inland small lake too but if I was running full speed against the wind with a slight chop and slight wind on the RXP, the whole ski would take a pounding, shaking like crazy as the water would spray off on each side. The 310 is like the speedboat I had - once it got up to speed it would float over the waves with only the prop in the water.
    The acceleration, cornering, thrill is the same for both - Fabulous !!

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    Going from the 2007 250 Ultra to 2014 310 Ultra is a HUGE upgrade. With the 310 you are going to get a large increase in power / acceleration. I have 60+ hours on my 310 and it has been the most maintenance free / trouble free Ski I have ever owned to this point.

    And the fuel mileage / range is also better too (if this is important to you). There is no reason not to get the 310. In fact, I would get two if I were you. JB

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    Starting to sound like the Kawi sales team lol

    Memories of the RXPX mmm ...... the best moment I had was racing a speedboat on the lake. He would need a longer stretch to hit his 95mph, but we would always line up side by side so it was no contest! By the time he hit his top speed, I was on the other side of the lake lol. One time he pulled up fast behind me, wow you could tell it was doing the 95 mph - just as we got even his boat bobbed out of the water ever so slightly, just enough to unhook the prop - that's the beauty of the modern jetskis, they stay hooked up forever !!
    And with the new 310 he hasn't built up the courage to show up anymore !!!

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    Well, I learned from my mistake of owning 2 identical ski's this summer that I'd much prefer a diversity of ride option. I love the RXPX and have not had any issues at all staying hooked up the times I've used it, but it certainly has not been that windy and there is very little boat traffic this time of year in Michigan. The only other options are the 310x or SVHO.

    Does Kawasaki often do extended warranties or anything better than thier current $1k rebate on the 310? Seadoo had $1.5k rebate and 4 year warranty on a already price reduced new 2014 which is why I pulled the trigger on it (was about $11.3k plus fees/tax and the 4 year warranty).

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