Currently running gutted stock water box and stock j-pipe with o2 bung installed in it and thru hull exhaust. Adding vts to the ski for winter project, now that it's been converted over to TX shoe, driveshaft, rideplate, & grate. Problem hit me that my previous altered method of installation of the thru hull exhaust is causing me some tight clearance issues and considering possible solutions. To make that clear on what alterations I did a few years back I had this worried notion that removing opas would make this ski turn worse than it does...ya ya I know this was my first 4-tech as I'm still a 2 stroke guy. So I had devised a means to keep opas and still make the thru hull Riva pipe work. Well I had raised the outlet, cut the Riva pipe and add a coupler to rotate/tilt the pipe back to where it wants to align with water box. Now this added tilt conflicts with the vts unit slightly..figures. Since that initial exhaust mod I've now moded the ski further and once hitting 75gps the thing fish tailed like a SOB and I knew time to bite the bullet on the opas's gone and so is the fish tailing BS, and even jumped to 76.9gps. Here's my options and I can't make up my mind which way I want to go and thought I'd toss this out for opinions in case there's something I'm not thinking of.

1.) Riva shorty pre 08 box. keep j-pipe with o2 bung installed.
2.) Riva shorty 08+ box. Swap over to exhaust mid pipe, which I already have a bran new one in hand but need new bride clamp & coupler. This would mean I'd have to pull exhaust mani and tap for new o2 location. Prob some plumbing changes as well.

So what I'm wondering is does the 08+ mid pipe flow any real difference over the j-pipe to warrant the added hassles of the change out that I'll require? Both boxes will give me the added benefit of easy SC removal so that's a plus. Mid pipe might gain me a tad more space as I'm not dealing with the j-pipe loop. Regardless what way I go I do have some glass work on the current thru hull hole location to do so either option installs as intended..and do it right.