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    Winterization questions

    Couple questions regarding the winterization/oil change. Have never done this before so please excuse me guys.

    1) After you suck out all the old oil from the dip stick hole and the oil filter holder; when adding fresh oil in know you fill it through the dipstick hole, but do you also fill up the oil filter holder as well?

    2) Should I spray fogging oil down the plug holes instead of just the recommended XPS lube? And when cranking the engine over to disperse the lubricant do you have to ground the plug wires, or is it okay because they are disconnected from the coil pack?

    3) How long should I run the engine on the hose after adding fuel stabilizer?

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    No, you dont fill the oil filter hole. Just use a long enough funnel to reach the dip stick tube and add the proper amount of oil..

    I have always preferred the use of a fogging oil and not XPS spray, but XPS is what the owners and shop manual call for... I like Yamaha Fogging oil or Mercury Marine storage oil, it is a thicker heavier oil that actually sticks to thing better, I think...

    There are no more grounding posts or lugs to ground the wires to, since they are not connected to the coil packs, then no signal is being sent.

    I believe the shop manual says no more than 2 minutes....

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