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    vx110 hp with mods ?????????????

    so I was wondering if some one has a vx110 with the basic mods out there air intake ,ribbon deleat, diy exhaust mod, etc

    so basically im wondering how much hp the ski would make with thous mods

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    I did both to a 2011 VX. Made very very little change. If you're looking to get more speed out of a VX do as I it in on something with a greater possibly to make hp.

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    Have done that to mine , it gives a little quicker take off and thats about it . Other than that the ski is what it is , which is a good lower end ski.

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    Air intake and ribbon delete here and all works well on my VX.
    The ribbon delete doesn't change top end speed, but you seem to
    get there quicker. Works great on Lake Michigan. I can still go all weekend
    plus on a tank of gas.

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