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    Ski mode on Gtx 185 sc

    Hi guys, is it possible to fit the ski mode that comes on the wake versions to a seadoo 2004 GTX LIMITED 185 sc?

    Thanks jamie

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    can you explain what you are trying to do
    put vts on the 04?
    change the ecu on the 04?

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    Sorry mate, the 155 and 215 seadoo wakes on a 2006 come with a ski mode function that you can set so when you pull the throttle all the way in the ski stays at a set speed you set it too.

    so for example you set the ski mode to hold at 25mph and when you pull full throttle it will get you up to that speed and keep you there.

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    A crude but effective way of doing this is to fit a 'donut' ring around the handgrip, passing under the throttle. Thus preventing the full opening of the throttle.

    I rode a hire ski years ago that used this method to restrict learner speed and it was very effective. (Although it didn't stop you from squeezing the throttle and pulling on the exposed wire to overcome it!!!).

    You may have to experiment with donut thickness to hit the right speed, but you could keep it in the glovebox and slip on when you tow.

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    Sounds like it's a good idea but I'd really like to have the actual ski mode if it's possable. If it's just an extra on the ski versions then I'm hoping it could be somthing I could just connect up. If it's too much hassle then I won't bother but if it's just a few wires to hook up then that would be awesome

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    Use the learner's key. I'm pretty sure you can't hook up a "Ski Mode" module onto the 03-05' skis.

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    What dose the Lerner key limit your speed too?

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    you can set them where you want with candoo
    its not speed, you set rpm

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