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    Cool 94 Polaris SLT 750 Project

    I picked up a 750 on local craigslist (basically wanted the galvanized trailer it was on). The owner told me his friend had the ski and fried the computer. I assume he meant CDI. The friend purchased what looks like a new ebox with cdi and coils. I think he also changed the stator too. Maybe burnt the ground wire? Anyway the friend put the new box in and wired it up 90% but then because of personal reasons (divorce) had to stop working on it. He then gave it back to original owner. Thats the condition I have it in now.

    The motor turns over pretty well and does have 110psi compression on all cylinders. I think from what I read that may be a little low but should still run. I do not have any spark at all. In the wiring the orange wire from voltage regulator is not hooked up and has a shrink tube cover over it like it wasnt to be used. Do I need to hook this wire up in order to get spark? I check ohms according to the manual and all stator wires check out almost to the number on the manual. Well within the 10% range. Coils seem correct also. All the grounds I have checked are good. Just wont spark. Tried cutting a 1/4" off one of the plug wires too. No luck. I read that the orange wire will supply voltage to th cdi when running. So is that the reason for no spark? The cdi isnt getting voltage from the battery on that wire and not letting it spark? Thanks for all the help! Im sure many questions to follow. First ski I've had....

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    Do not confuse the ignition for the blue Fuji engines with the Polaris 'domestic' red engines. The Fuji engine uses a completely different CDI and stator so the tips and tests for the red engine do not apply to your Fuji.

    See my signature links for lots of info related to the blue Fuji engine and watercraft.

    I would start by reviewing the actual wiring in the electrical box with the factory wiring diagram for that engine. It is easy to mis-connect a colored wire to the wrong tab on the terminal board. The terminals are marked with the wire colors that should connect to each group of terminals.

    The Orange wire is used for bilge pump on Fuji models that have a bilge pump.

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    The Orange wire is not used on that ski unless there are accessories installed that need to be powered up while the engine is running, such as a bilge pump.

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