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    what you guys think is this ok or is something wrong

    hi I have a 2007 rxt with ext ic riva water box rear exhaust rear air worx intake grate hse sponsons highest rpms I see are 8100 and speed 64.8 gps is that normal or should I be seeing better results thanks

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    Yep, thats right.

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    put on a bigger SC and injectors
    add cmd with auto tune and 15/22
    mid to upper 70s depending on the SC

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    Tornado waving his tired CMD supporter flag

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    lol he has a 2rude waiting for supporting mods
    guages, RRFPR, prop etc all on the way from jerry

    hes just upset cause my RXT was faster than his with
    4" front air, Torx 2º Wedge, R&D anticav cone, Worx grate, HSE sponsons, Custom OPAS deletes, Ride plate filled
    65 mph today (small chop)
    66.1 best

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    I could have sworn my '07 RXT 215 was faster on GPS with my mods...
    I remember seeing somewhere around 67 mph on GPS, and I was hanging with a friends 2012 GTR 215 at top speed.
    my mods were 4" front air, Solas SRX 14/17R impeller, stainless wear ring, 2008 RXT-X venturi (I added VTS), R&D intake grate.

    but it can't compare to my 2013 RXT-X 260...

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