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    Best cheap LED Lightbar..

    So I was in the woods and came across a Cheby truck with a Rigid knockoff LED Lightbar on the front. It was the 36" version with dual spot/flood beams. It was the most impressive lighting I've seen in a while, and I definitely want one for my JK and Dodge Ram. Problem is I'm seeing that the ones you find on eBay are knockoffs. While this isn't surprising, they are a damned good price when you compare them to the Rigid brand ones. (I am sure others make them too).

    Anyway, he said he's had it for over a year and to me that makes the cheap price worth it as the legit ones are like 5x the price. So I'm wondering what everyone on here who've bought one thinks of it, and it it's held up. Also, which is the best cheap one, if that's an actual thing.

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    I`ve went through a few Blitz Pro 21 LED bars`s that took on moisture after a few months, so I can`t endorse those.

    Give this guy a call, his name is Nick, he is a friend and knows his products, worth a shot...

    tell him Pale Rider sent ya!

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