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    ripped off on ultra 150

    ok I have a 2000 ultra 150 that two summers ago was hydro locked and had new crank Pistons...ect. the shop took two months to fix it and it lased 1 hour in water the started vibrating badly. took it back and was told the balance gear was totally demolished...two months later get ski back. finally was able to test ride it this spring and 1 hour later same thing. took it back . they said they tore down the ski and it was the same thing th balance gear. got it back it ran good for a few hours the same thing. took it back and now they say it is the jet pump and want me to pay for pump bearings, pump shaft. impeller, and housing. they want $1500-$1800 for this. it seems a little fishy. really need some advice on what to do here? like take them to court I am already $2500 into them and think I am getting ripped off due to their incompetence. any input or questions?

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    Go to a shop that knows what they are doing .

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    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

    sorry to hear about the issues you are having but like Mark said.. take it to a shop that actually knows what they are doing.

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    I just answered your PM. I think your shop probably didn't pre-lube the balancer chambers. Did they convert it to pre-mix? That would be a disaster, as well. The vibration sounds like the balance gears are out of time.

    Ask them to show you their Ultra 150 service manual. If they don't have one, that's the problem.

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    I'd be willing to wager a box of chile tha they did not add the oil as required and perhaps if they don't have the manual, they mixed up the proper places for the five oil injection lines to be placed.

    I'd be working up a small claims court action pretty quick with this kind of bs flying around.

    Ultra pumps are pretty expensive to rebuild, they can be a bit tricky once the bearings let go, but if I could get anywhere near a grand for an ultra pump repair, I'd really be retired by now.

    Iv'e picked up serviceable pumps on ebay for $400..that's a long way from the price you were quoted.

    These asshats need to be made public after you've settled the affair.....

    The expert testimony of a couple of ski shop owners is all you would need to win this one in court.

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