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    2014 IJSBA World Finals Aerial Video

    Aerial Video shot by Havasuphoto

    Most of you probably didn't know it, but I was flying a "light" UAV(UN-manned Aerial Vehicle/Light=under 55lbs according to the FAA), at the World Finals-shooting video.

    The reason you didn't know this was-the aircraft I was using, had the latest "Military Grade" Stealth Technology, Whisper Mode, and advanced Cloaking. It was the X-69F, on loan from the DOD(Deparment of Defense), Yuma Proving Grounds.

    Except for Take-off and Landing, the aircraft was truly invisible!! And, it was so quiet, the wind was louder. So, if you thought you saw/heard this aircraft-you didn't. Or it wasn't me.

    To operate the X-69F required some stiff qualifications. The Pilot had to have a Commercial Rotorcraft/Helicopter Certificate, with Instrument Rating, a minimum of 20 years actual helicopter flight experience, including multi-engine, and multi-rotor(CH-47/Chinook, CH-46/Sea Knight)flight time. Also needed was a minimum of 1000 logged flights in other "light" UAV's.

    Luckily-I was over-qualified.

    Also-the aircraft was operated via a HUD(Heads Up Display), on a set of goggles, worn by the Pilot. The HUD System allows the Pilot to see real-time video, and telemetry from the aircraft. After all-it's invisible, so flying by looking at it, isn't going to work.

    The Camera used, was also "Classified", and on loan from Go Pro. I can tell you virtually nothing about the specs on this camera-only it's prototype name; the Go Pro X, Gold Edition.

    You won't be able to buy this camera for probably another year or two, at least. There are only 4 known to exist; 1 is at Go Pro, James Cameron has 1, Michael Bay has 1, and I had 1 on loan.

    By Direction of Management, I was limited to where, and when I could fly. So, given those "parameters", and the fact that the aircraft is still "Classified", I did the best I could.

    I put a lot of time and effort into shooting and editing this video, and I truly hope you enjoy it.......there's a "surprise" at the end
    Thanks for watching-There are 2 versions. 1 is for Mobile Devices and Internet enabled TV's. Make sure you watch in High Definition!! That "prototype" GP X is awesome!!

    Regular version;

    Mobile Devices and TV version;

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    Outstanding thank you for sharing your videos. I really enjoyed them .... I wish i could have been there!

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    Good to see you put #1 in there!!!

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