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    Need to decide on one or two. Looking for opinions.

    Hey guys!

    New here and looking for some watery advice! I currently have a 99 Tigershark 770. I have decided that in the spring I will be purchasing a 2015 VXR. I have all that sorted out but I can't decide if I want to keep the Shark or get rid of her. Here's where I'm at:

    Sell the Shark and trailer and get ~1000 to put toward the VXR. With this option I only have to buy a 1 place trailer at 799.00.

    Keep the shark, not have the ~1000 toward the VXR and have to buy a 1200.00 2 place trailer. BUT I have 2 PWCs then.

    Now I have had problems with the shark. Last summer I put on 3 Head gaskets, a head, top end kit (1mm over), carb rebuild, crank seals and a steering cable. That was my base of wanting to purchase a new one. But now that I think about it, it was damn fun to ride. I would *like* to think the mechanical problems are behind me, but who knows.

    Cons of having the two: More real estate in my garage. More of a pain to tow with my Jeep (2 door lifted wrangler doesn't tow things well). Some launches here charge per watercraft number, so only if I was going to ride one that day, I would still have to pay to launch two.

    Pros of having the two: The Tigershark is a blast to ride, when she runs right. I would have a backup PWC? If the rare occasion one of my imaginary friends want to go they would have a PWC to ride.

    I really can't decide. I can afford to keep the Tigershark, but I keep thinking of the multiple people telling me "get it running and sell it asap". I also feel like once I get a VXR, I will totally loose interest in the Tigershark.

    Any advice guys?

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    I say keep the shark. You might want to go riding with a friend/family member that doesn't have a PWC. Of course it depends on who it is, but most of the time you will want to have the VXR to yourself and stick the other person on the other ski. Much easier to play around on when you don't have to worry about the other person flying off...

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    ...keep it.

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    I kept my shark when I sold my last set of skis back around 05. Just didnt have any value. At the time it looked damn near mint at 5 years old, and ran great. But no one wants a ski from such a short lived manufacturer. Grated it was/is the less desired 3 seater 660.... (not sure wth they were thinking there.) I had gotten it as a barter, and was always the guest ski. And always needed some kinda work due to all the shitty designs.
    Although if it is going to cause inconveniences due to limited storage space, the dump it.

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    You can never have too many skis

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    Hello and welcome to the Hulk. I say keep the Shark, if it is not to costly to keep running. Having an extra ski allows for some cool options. 1. you will want to ride with others ... and you should be able to find someone else who thinks your ski hobby is worth trying. 2. if for some reason you have to have or do work on the VXR, you still have something to ride. I have an 97 Kawi 750 ZXI, that looks like shit ... but runs like the wind & still fun for everyone who rides it. It is paid for and really will never be worth less than it is right now. Good Luck

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