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    fzr rpm reach 6000 max. please help!

    today after six month not riding my fzr 2013 with modded ECU to R1,basically stage 1. usually my rpm reach 7500 and today it stayed at 5900 to 6000 max... it was joking none stop. i checked the spark plug,injector while running and find one difference in spark plug 1. when i unplug it rpm reach 6000 and when i plug it same thing. when i let it idle the rpm goes up n down none stop, it didnt stay at one place. what do u guys think it is? where should i check? do u think i can use a diagnosis, will it tell me the problem? thanks all

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    Check SC clutch - does it spin only one way, or both? Both ways = no bueno. More than likely (hopefully) just a leaking or blown IC hose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WP3223 View Post
    Check SC clutch - does it spin only one way, or both? Both ways = no bueno. More than likely (hopefully) just a leaking or blown IC hose.
    Sounda like your SC clutch sadly.

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    Your clutch didn't go bad setting up for 6 months. Everything you pointed out in your post points to a bad spark plug. Change your sparks plugs
    before you do anything else.

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    My vote is on one or more bad spark plugs too. RPM loss is a classic indicator, and thankfully spark plugs are cheap so it's worth starting there.

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    Probably bad fuel too

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    ok guys it's not the SC clutch, it did turn one way. but these are my spark plug and inside the hole where they seat. from right 1,2,3,4 to left,black head is 1
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You definitely find the problem.

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    Nice, easy fix.

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    I have had a spark plug that the porcelain cracked, holding up looked perfect, but when you flipped it over, the porcelain would slide down over the electrode all the way to the ground strap. It boggled my mind for days until I saw it happen.

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