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    Waveraider 1100 winter build

    So yea, when your waveraider says hey, something went really wrong...maybe listen and don't ignore and keep riding. Blew, and I mean blew my #2 piston. (I'll get pics up tomorrow) So much so that now I gotta replace a lot more than some rings, which I think went first.

    Was riding a while back, shut off on me after I filled up. Figured was really low, just pull choke and off I go. Dies again, so do the same thing. Well this continues on and I just keep chocking it. Finally goes almost into a full throttle with no cut off. But now it's super slow. Figured naw, must be bad spark. Grab some new ones. Still running slow, I check compressions and yea #2 isn't really high but meh, still warm out. Also at this time I notice my oil cap is missing and I'm out of oil :*( (gonna guess that happened a while back, smh)Any who, finally pull it out a few weeks ago and just got around to tearing into it to find a bomb. As a decent mechanic, this one is my own dang fault and not the equipment.

    So guess it's time to start building her up over the winter. Already ordered clean working carbs and next dropping cylinders to get bored 1.0 maybe 1.5. Just depends on what I'm gonna do. Also need to drop head off to get port and polished. Sad at the beginning but now excited about the build.

    More to come, and again will get pics up.

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    Sorry, I hate it when I discover that it's my fault .... and I should know better LOL. Sometimes the rebuild can turn out to be a lot of fun .... just costly $$. Good Luck

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    Yea, I actually ran across company called group k which does awesome rebuild packages that I might just use them for the whole thing. Looking at big bore kit. I budgeted around 3ish grand for rebuild and some ins and outs for the ski

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    The #2 piston. Ouch

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    I wouldn't waste 3k on a raider. matter how sentimental I was. 3 grand can get you a hell of a lot nicer ski than that raider. I know.....I own a raider also.

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    Lol, it's 3k over time not 3k right now..big difference

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    I mean I could save up but I enjoy getting my hands into my stuff. Also I refuse to by a mini boat aka most newer skis. I really enjoy my raider and it has done right by me.

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    Just saying......3k can get you a hell of a nice GP. Add a little more cash....A ready to ride 4 stroke.

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    Yea I have researched that route. The drawback is that I hate the GPs size and all the newer stuff drives me crazy because they suck at spinning 360s. I am contemplating the spark. But right now just tinkering with the raider till I make a decision

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    GP isn't much bigger than the Raider and its a much more fun ride.
    GPR is bigger.

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