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    new to jet skiing help needed

    Hello everyone, im new to the jetski scene and have never owned 1 before, im looking at a 1999 polaris seadoo 1200, it revs well on land but once its in the water and under load it barely revs and struggles, it surges and is like the timing is out or the carbies have shit it them, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong, I like the ski and would like to get it if its an easy fix. TIA

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    try changin the spark plug yet ?

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    I will tell him to try that

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    Is it a Polaris or a Seadoo? They be different things

    You will need more diagnostic information before a prediction can be made regarding possible repairs or repair costs.

    The very first thing to check is cylinder compression. Throttle held wide open, strong battery installed.

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