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    Advice???On 2002 Virage 700 triple!!

    thinking of trading my KDX200 dirtbike for a Polaris 700 triple. He said the motor was just rebuilt and seemed very trustworthy? He asked me if I wanted to ride it before any deal was made. He also has paper work on the motor job. I was a little weary because there some horror stories of Polaris wave runners online?? What do you guy's think??

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Polaris never made a 700 triple cylinder, so you're off to a bad start already. 700 twin? yes. 700 triple? no.

    What model designation is it? Virage? Freedom?

    Are we sure about the year?


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    What is your dirtbike worth to you?

    In '02 there were 4 versions of the Virage (per the docs I've seen)

    Virage - 700 twin carb
    Virage i - 800 twin direct inject
    Virage TX - 1200 triple carb
    Virage TXi - 1200 triple direct inject

    Sounds like your probably referring to the base Virage, twin cylinder 700cc, carbed version.

    Does it come with a trailer?

    In my neck of the woods... this time of the year (end-of-season)... a clean '02 Virage in good running condition (new motor a plus)... would be worth ~$1200-1500. Add more for a trailer.

    So if you value your bike worth that much... then the deal sounds fair. The Virage is a nice, comfortable 3-person (2 adults really) ski. The 700 engine is not the most powerful... but is good on gas. Make a nice lake cruiser.

    And all you'll ever want to know/learn about it... you can find here.


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