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    Start / Stop Switch

    Hi Guys
    It's been a while since I've had any questions. Good thing, I've put on over 100 hours since my 2004 MSX 110 rebuild and this is my first little glitch. The last 2 times I took the ski out I put the lanyard in pushed the start button and nothing happened, after a couple attempts it kicked in and I was on my way, all other gauges appeared to be fine. Could this be a simple as an on off switch or something as bad as an SIFB? As always any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Tim,
    Great to hear of some satisfied hours racked up on a Weber!

    Your issue might be the starter solenoid... those can get fritzy before they fail permanently. Could also be the start/stop switch on the handle bar... that should be easy enough to check via multimeter on the wires. Then there's always the possible SIFB failure. Which does affect starting, stopping and reverse rev limiting... but usually not all at the same time. Are you still on the original stock SIFB?


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    +1 on the starter solenoid, I have rejuvenated them in the past but for what they cost just replace it

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    If you still have the original start solenoid, replace it. These are known to corrode inside and fail, sometimes suddenly while the engine is continually cranking.

    The 'bad/original' start solenoids are identifiable as black plastic body with a metal backing plate.

    The next generation 'better' solenoids are tan/brown color, still with the metal backing plate.

    The current 'best' replacement solenoids are all black plastic including the mounting ears, no metal plate at all. This 'all plastic' solenoid is actually identical to the replacement part sold for and used on a bunch of Seadoo models.
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    I still have the original starter, starter solenoid and SIFB. These are about the only original parts left I'll hate to see them go. I'll swap out the solenoid since it looks like it about time and go on from there. I'll let you know how it works out in a month or so, I just packed it away for a little while.
    Thanks again Tim

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