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    Extra Battery For My Subwoofer

    Hi, I installed a Sub on my Speedster150 (stock stereo and two speakers) and dont want to be concerned about draining the battery when playing music with the engine off, so Im considering a dual battery set up for my boat.

    I am not an expert so please excuse my ignorance. I think I have two options;

    1- change the switch for one I already bought, 1/All/2/Off, and add a battery. But I have read this kind of switches are not the best option because when my aux (2) battery is low from extended use and I combine the two batteries for charging, my starter (1) battery will be burdened by the low aux (2) battery, is this true? is it a problem?

    So then option 2- Just leave the boat stock and use an extra battery for the Sub, which I can charge at home every time I come back.

    What do you guys recommend for adding a subwoofer to the speedster?


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    I did option 2 but with the switch. Basically battery 2 only runs the stereo and sub but in the off chance my battery 1 dies, I can use the switch to use battery 2 to start my boat. I ran the power wire from the stereo to battery 2 directly and ran the turn on wire to switch 1. This way when you turn to battery 1 to start your boat your stereo is powered on. It also keeps the memory alive and you don't loose your presets. When I get home I charge battery 2 with a onboard charger. I can run 4 speakers, 2 tower speakers with amp and 2 subs with amp for 4 hrs so far and its still strong. In my next boat I wont have subs just more tower speakers. You will find the bass is kinda lost but the tower speaker cans are what really matter.

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    Is it ok and an option to use a Jump-Starter? I was looking at one today in Sams, from Stanley, but the manual said not to be used on vehicles equipped with computers, because jumpstarting could cause damages, is this the case with this boats?

    It also reads "Do not use on watercrafts, not for marine applications" but whats the difference? apart from being careful not to get it wet, is there another problem?...

    Anybody uses a jump-starter? which one do you recommend?

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    There have been several threads discussing methods of connecting two batteries for use with sound systems.

    for the word combiner across all of greenhulk, should turn up several useful threads.

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    If you put a 1/all/2/off switch in you need to wire them in series (1) batt pos to #1(2) battery pos to #2 connect both battery negitives together drive your boat with the switch on all and use 1 or 2 when listening to the radio

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    buy an EarthX lithium battery, weighs less than 3 lbs either hook it up or I just carry in storage and use if issues with one battery.
    so small you can carry in back pack, etc. Also carry it in car vs. using jumpers if problems. Great battery and the OEM weighs 23 lbs. less weight, more speed/performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcycleski View Post
    If you put a 1/all/2/off switch in you need to wire them in series (1) batt pos to #1(2) battery pos to #2 connect both battery negitives together drive your boat with the switch on all and use 1 or 2 when listening to the radio
    I'd like to avoid spending the money on a battery isolator (or combiner), but is anyone concerned about the amp draw of two batteries in need of a charge? The single engine Speedster develops 30a at 6000 rpm.

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