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    Mikuni rebuild- I'm confused

    I'm new to the forum, so hello to all.

    I have a waveraider 760 and felt it was time to rebuild the carbs with all the ethonal it must have drunk over the years. I purchased a genuine Mikuni carb kit. The diagram and instructions were missing some of the alternate gaskets in the list from the pump side. From the instructions, I diduced that the 44's (that I have) have paper gaskets - vs the rubber o-ring style of the 38's. See extra part #1 as well as 6 (vs. 1a and 6a which are in the diagram but not listed to the left). The ski runs fine in both configurations, but I can't keep them from leaking when I omit the rubber gaskets as shown for the 44's. Whats up? Btw, mating surfaces are smooth and uncorroded. I called Mikuni and left a message, but they are not responding. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry I couldn't attach an image of the diagram because I can't figure how to drag the attachment without a mouse ( using a tablet).



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    i had a similar question here.. all of these parts should be in there and be replaced if damaged or corroded.

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    Finally a photo for refference.

    Thanks for your feedback, but it appears we are talking about different gaskets. The kit comes with two black rubber diaphragms that are supposed to be used on the 44 where you use only one on the 38 and use the black oring(1a) in place of the one left out.

    On the other side of the valve assembly, there is a paper gasket (6) that should be used instead of the black rubber oring-ish (6a) on the 38. When done this way as per diagram, it leaks. I'm sure if I used the 1a and 6a it wouldn't leak ( deviate from diagram), but not sure if this would affect pump performance, and possibly create a lean condition.

    I did run it (accidentally) as per 38 ( not use one of the 1's and use 6a instead of 6), no leaks and ran o.k., but it appears Mikuni doesn't suggest this.

    Thanks again for your time
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    I thought you said you have 44's, if you do, the way I posted is the proper way.. dont let that mikuni post mess you up.

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    Thanks for following up. Mention of the clears in your post made me thinking we were talking about two different things. As per Mikuni though your list is set up as the 38s not 44's

    [=====] pump cover--
    ---------black gasket
    -------- clear gasket
    -------- Rubber O ring
    [=====] checkvalve assembly
    -------- black gasket/diaphragm
    -------- clear diaphragm <----- this is the one that seems should NOT be there.
    ====== rubber "o" ring
    [=====] Carb body.

    In the diagram the first oring you list should be replaced by the second black gasket, and the bottom o-ring (next to carb body) should be replaced by the brownish gasket with similar cutouts to the complex lower o-ring. If you have had success, I guess I could run it that way, but I wonder why Mikuni wrote it the way they did and included the extra pieces.

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    thats how mine is running now, no leaks and runs fine, i have a gp1200r and it has super BN44's

    the part where i wasnt sure about it being there, it should be there..

    that is how mine came apart, i was also confused because of mikunis diagram. dont let the fool you though, it has been confirmed this is the proper setup.

    there is a newer and older version though.. might want to ask a pro lol.

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    the "late" 44's (I have no idea what mikuni considers the "late years") are built exactly like the 38's. check a downloaded mikuni manual. That diagram pic doesn't have all the words printed on it. I built my 44's on my raider exactly like my 38's on my wife's venture and they run great.

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