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    Which oil should I use in the MSX 150? Some info you may want to know about synthetic

    So this is the question. I have been in hp cars my whole life and had many different opinions.

    One was change it often and use a non synthetic. The other is chance it almost as often and use a synthetic.

    Now first I want to make sure you understand there are three levels of synthetic in the usa. Group 3, 4 and 5. Group 3 is not synthetic oil but really just prime stock hydrocracked crude. The group 4 and 5 oils are real synthetics and man made.

    After I got interested in this I decided to see what the differences were between a simi synthetic 15w 50 vs the mobil one 15w 50. What you are looking for are the additives.

    The mobil one is a true group 4 synthetic. It is what is recommended by weber.
    Silicone 9ppm
    Boron 228ppm
    sodium 13ppm
    magnesium 43ppm
    calcium 2464ppm
    Phosphorous 1193ppm
    Zink 1315ppm
    Molybdenum 90ppm
    To be honest it is good but does not have as much zink or moly as I have seen in other hp synthetic engine oils. It reminds me of old school oil a bit.

    Mystic 15w 50 simi synthetic. I have been using this and that is why I chose it. It is a class 3 mixed with class 2 base stock.

    Magnesium 1060
    Calcium 1220
    Ph 1050
    Zink 1280
    After looking into it i feel the mystic is to low in zink and has no molybdenum. These additives are essential for high rpm high output engines to prevent damage to roller bearings and any metal to metal surfaces. Also after learning the synthetic blends have no group 4 properties I will no longer use it.

    The thermal properties between the two are only relevant if you dont change your oil enough.

    So this is why you only use the good stuff. In America the oil companies are allowed to call an extra refined standard oil, group 3, a synthetic when its not man made at all. A synthetic blend is an unknown ratio of group 3 and group 2 oils mixed together. So neither is even close to a group 4 like mobil one 15w 50.

    Hope this helps educate people on the way oil companies lie to stupid americans

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    That is some good information. I am on some other forums where the whole Oil battle keeps getting debated. I like using the Mobile one 15w-50 because that is what I use in my 800 HP boat, and I can get it cheap on sale at Walmart. I'm sure there is better oil available, but you also need to weight the convenience and cost, versus the protection. I could go to Royal purple, Amsoil, or Red Line, but they would cost me a lot more money. Even the Mobile One is expensive if I buy quart jugs from Napa. Oil companies are about like politicians, can't trust most of them.

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