Speechless. Well, more appropriately, wordless.

For several hours following our testing of Sea-Doo’s 2015 RXP-X 260, a blinking cursor and blank screen defied us to find the words to adequately describe the adrenaline-soaked bliss of piloting this untamed beast of a personal watercraft down the Colorado River running along to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Though any attempts to truly capture the thrill of such a ride in words is all but futile, we’ll start with something poignant and eloquent to best describe Sea-Doo’s premier race-bred two-seater: Badass.

Honestly, no other word could come close to feeling the 260-horsepower kick of the supercharged, external intercooled, 1494cc Rotax 4-TEC engine screaming to 70 mph while holding on with white knuckles and gritted teeth after executing the perfect high-speed turn. You’d just have to feel it to truly understand. But, we’ll do our best.

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