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    Confusion about Seadoo Model and Typ labels - and at R&D site

    At the R&D site
    I can find columns for listed Seadoo modells:
    260 RXT-X and another column for RXT is/as

    I am confused about the RXT is/as column.
    At the Seadoo manufacturer site I cannot find a "RXT is" - the "is" is always a "GTX is"
    The "as" is always a "RXT-X as". There is no "RXT is" or a "RXT as" at Seadoo site.

    I have a "260 RXT-X as" (2014) what column is the right for me?

    So by the way i find also conflicting Art.Nr. at PWC Performance shop and R&D site.

    At R&D site there is at column for RXP-X a:
    Adjustable Cone Kit Art.Nr. 163-95013

    At PWC Performance shop there is for the RXP-X a:
    R&D Billet Adjustable Anti-Cavitation Cone Kit for RXP-X 260 Art.Nr.163-95003

    But at R&D Site the Art.Nr. 163-95003 is for the RXT is/as (whatever this for a modell is...) but not for the RXP-X 260.

    I find also more conflictings. I will not order oversea things that are not fit to my Model -
    send back with all the trouble at the custom it is a lot of wast time.
    Maybe I am the one who not understand the Model Typ and labels?
    Ahh.. headache again

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    Get the lucky

    Lot of guys are using this with good results.

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    The RXT iS is a discontinued model, they no longer make it. Anything for the RXT, RXTX, RXT iS, RXTX aS and GTX iS LTD will work on your ski.

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