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    Water intake Reducer ring...yellow

    I'm looking in the pump area of this 05 215hp machine I just bought and the yellow rubber gasket with the metal reducer for the water intake is hanging down. It's pinched by one of the tabs of the rubber gasket. The entire washer and gasket is hanging down intact. It's not something that just happened. It has been that way for awhile. Obviously, it looks to have been a mistake when someone had the pump apart. I do know where it goes and what it is. The Yellow is the 215hp reducer and the green is the 255hp reducer. It's a water restriction washer.

    This boat doesn't run funny or throw any alarms.

    Are their any negative effects of this not being in place?

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    you just adding much more water to the exhaust than is needed
    if you had a external IC the extra water volume and psi could damage it

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    IMHO just get a new reducer and install it... you`d be surprised at the amount of water psi coming from the pump.

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    It looks great but I don't know until I pull it and check that 1 tab that is holding it. I was just curious if it causes any adverse effects or?

    The boat is stock.

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