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    kawasaki ultra 300x

    Hi just join forum first post I
    have a ultra 300x 50 hr the exhaust filter blew out and bogging out took back to dealer and got full service new filter , new plugs, fuel and oil filter took back out on water
    runs very well for first 25min then started to cut power off and on off on off on at full throttle
    then it started from take off and all the way to full throttle held it flat for 3 minutes and got top speed of 99 klm
    And maxs revs at 6400rpm give the ski a half hour cool down start up first hit runs 100% then keeps cutting out I put new ECU in it and still the same need help please

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    Did they check the filter wasnt jammed in the waterbox?

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    They got all the filter out there is nothing stuck anywhere it has all been checked for that

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    It sounds silly but any issues it's best just to start from the Beginning. Check compression, leakdown, fuel pressures etc. Also, maybe with them rooting around with the fuel filter it caused some gunk to get into an injector. A cleaning of those is easy, and another thing to try. Good luck and report back if you find something. These issues are the most frustrating and adding solutions to the collective here is always a good thing....

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