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    Tips to looking at a 13 fx sho ?

    Hi guys been doing some research and think I've settled on a 2013 fx sho it has 83 hrs on it and appears well looked after .
    After plenty of searching I haven't been able to find any common problems with them unlike my seadoo
    if I have missed anything I'd greatly appreciate anybad experience
    over time I will be looking to mod to try get near the 80mph mark
    also what's involved in the 100hr major service
    I'm in Sydney Australia
    thanks in advance Shane

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    Any extended warranty? If so, go for it. If still under the 1 year, add the extended before it expires. Great ski and pretty much bulletproof with the 13 style sc clutch.

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    To get to the 80mph mark kiss warranty goodbye. You'll need reflash and supporting mods to get there. Don't let that deter you at all. Good ski and handles great

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    Thanks guys has extended warranty once that's finished the mods will begin

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    Wow new ski is amazing doubt I'll even bother fixing the seadoo can't even compare the 13 fxsho to the old rxp I blew up a few months ago .
    i know the speedo isn't accurate but full tank and 87kg rider on stock ski and I saw 72mph a few times shame the gps was playing up than got rough water conditions
    thinking mods will come before warranty expires feels so stable and safe think it needs to go lots faster
    have a budget of around 2k Australian to play with where do I start so I don't have to redo or change things twice end aim is 80 mph I know I won't get that on 2 k but will spend more next season

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