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    Question zxi over heating

    Hey guys im having over heating issues on my zxi 750 97 model, iv been through whole cooling system to make sure its not full of shit, and flushed it with salt away over and over. The thing is that it runs cold when I plug my hose into the flush kit, it squirts water out of pisser exhaust outlet and jet pump water intake. I can run it all day on it at 1/4 throttle. Now when I tie the ski to the trailer it a different story, the head, jug, manifold, exhaust heats up within 5 minutes, you can barely touch the head, the pisser is steaming and squirting out hot water, not hot enough to trigger the orange warning light, but if I kept running it, the ski would go into limp mode and start flashing the water temp light. iv taken the water inlet hose off the exhaust manifold and started ski, water is pissing out as it should, a lot powerful than my hose at home in garden. hmmm. So I put inlet hose off manifold onto the head so water went through head, jugs and out of manifold and squirted out into the hull for the bilge pump to pick up, of course engine ran cold but exhaust got hot, that's because I by passed the water to that, so I connected the pipe to head back to exhaust as it should be and put the water inlet to the flush kit, water was coming out of pisser and also pissing water out from exhaust manifold where the water inlet hose would normally go, everything ran cold just like it did at home on the garden hose. so I put everything back to normal as it should hoping it was sorted. but no over heated again. grrrr, do I took the bung off the flush kit and started it, it running cold, so im just wondering would the water be getting trapped in exhaust and not flowing out properly somewhere. the pisser works well but is there any other exits where the water should flow out? does it come out of exhaust too, has anyone experience this with there zxi? Your help would be appreciated. Cheers

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    I'd have a close look at the temperature sender it is 18 years old after all......... Should be a spec for it in the service manual. Might have to test it on a stove with a radiator thermometer to see when it trips off, if the temp is correct.

    try a few paragraphs..runs on make it hard to read the post

    do not cavitate the pump when you do a trailer's easy to overheat when half the water flow has air bubbles in it.

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    Hey guys got it sorted, the water wasnt flowing out of exhaust properly, just blew line out with compressor and cleared it for now, it was only dribbling now shes pissing out alot better. cheers

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