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    WTB..motor 300x?

    Just that..looking for a motor for a 2011 300x? Or any motor older (250x,,260x,) that will work or fit?

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    Will be a fairly difficult or expensive process to find a 300X motor around... If your 300X casing isn't trashed your better off rebuilding it...

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    Thanks for the info,now I need a head..will other heads from older 250x or 260x fit the 300x motor?

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    I am not sure but the 250 heads had problems with 250 hp. Running one in a 300 doesn't seem like a good idea IMO.

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    It wasnt the hp that busted then, it was thermal shock. I know that there were a lot of changes to the head from 250/60 to 300 but I cant say if it swaps, it might but your tune will be off. I know that at the least the head gasket changed.


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