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    Ethanol fuel then switching to non ethanol fuel?

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    the ethanol will damage fuel lines and most other rubber parts in the fuel system. It's an excellent solvent.

    stay off ethanol fuel as much as possible and make sure your last fill up of the year is ethanol free and stabilize as normal.

    If you have gray tempo original fuel lines, they gotta go. All brass fuel line connections must be cleaned

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    Thanks for the reply
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    If you have to use ethanol fuel. Use Startron at every fillup

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    I find it hard to believe that they sell you gas after they hear your jersey accent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beagleman62 View Post
    I find it hard to believe that they sell you gas after they hear your jersey accent
    huh? what? I can`t hear you, you have to take the chicken bones out of your mouth first!

    you corn pone chicken fooker!

    yeah, that`s why it is weasel piss in these parts... and expensive weasel piss at that...

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    it`s a wash anyways, stopped by the station where the 90 octane ethanol is avail and it is 3.849 per gallon...
    regular fuel here is 2.88, all time low in years. and middle grade being 2.98

    cheaper just to run the additive. this tells me it`s no cheaper on land as it is at the marina...
    I still run ethanol free 91 even though Im paying about 60 cents a gallon more for it.

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