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    Video: Jumping Waves on a E85 Turbo Sea-Doo Spark

    We’ve got a confluence of three very distinct subjects in what could be a very entertaining or disastrous combination; aftermarket performance tuner got their hands on a 2014 Sea-Doo Spark and thought they’d go a little haywire with the little runabout. Beginning with a 60-horsepower 3-up model with one of the available vinyl decal kit from SCS Unlimited, proceeded to go nuts.

    The first addition to the Spark was converting the 900cc Rotax ACE plant from a mild-mannered 60-horsepower naturally-aspirated 3-cylinder to a heavy-breathing, turbocharged plant. The turbo conversion kit from V-Tech Tuned is no stranger to the pages of The Watercraft Journal, and has shown real results from enthusiasts across the globe. Processing all of that extra boost is a Rotax Racing jet pump.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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