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    Jumped ship from seapoo and very happy 13 fx sho

    Wow new ski is amazing doubt I'll even bother fixing the seadoo can't even compare the 13 fxsho to the old rxp I blew up a few months ago .
    i know the speedo isn't accurate but full tank and 87kg rider on stock ski and I saw 72mph a few times shame the gps was playing up than got rough water conditions
    thinking mods will come before warranty expires feels so stable and safe think it needs to go lots faster
    have a budget of around 2k Australian to play with where do I start so I don't have to redo or change things twice end aim is 80 mph I know I won't get that on 2 k but will spend more next season have done a lot of reading but after info if anyone has gone down same path

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    Talk to Glen from R&D Performance. He will work with your budget and get that FX dialed in. You will be running 76+ in no time! Let him know Sam sent you and he will take care of you.

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    He seen the light
    Depending what mods it has already if its not stock would be intake grate ride plate take the restrictor out of the inlet, better air intake system, Reflash and prop pitch and try find a low boost wheel to get you hungry for more later.
    Alot of which you can do yourself if your handy swingin spanners.
    watsons reflash would be the way to go and you get the support if needed.
    those mods might see you just over 2k but you'll spend a whole load more when you get bitten by the speed bug.

    Here would be a good start

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    Thanks guys I can swing the spanners but after breaking my back I can't lean over a motor for longer than an hr
    I'm happy to spend a few more $$ to do things right the first time I hate respending and wasting $$ cheaping it out
    And yes I can see so much more potential in this
    ski than the seapoo . I may still put a new motor in the poo for the kids to play with
    ive always been a speed freak and the faster the better
    oh forgot to add ski is totally stock 103.5 hrs

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    Ive got a 2012 fx sho 81 gps and from sydney let me know if u need any help

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    Id look at a much larger intercooler, ecu and wheel

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    I'm on south coast been quoted 6 k to get to 80
    gps got max of 65 mph speedo showed 72 lol on flat water felt responsive but I'm a speed freak
    almost tempted to keep it stock and go silly on the seapoo for 6k

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    Where abouts on the south coast.

    I am near Nowra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by db2540 View Post
    Where abouts on the south coast.

    I am near Nowra.
    im Sussex inlet always looking for someone to ride with 0416477294
    thanks Shane

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    The fx's are an all around amazing ski! They handle great with mods too. Comfortable yet sporty all in one. Congrats on your purchase!!

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