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    rxp rough water mods.

    hi from across the pond!

    i currently own a 2004 rxp, its great fun on the lake but it wasnt so fun riding it for the uk Aqua x series through the summer. seeing as you guys have propably tried every kind of modification available for these ski's, would any of you recomend something to try and improve its ride through rough water? its great on the start run but as soon i drop in behind all these kawasaki's it turns into a right pig to ride. ive looked at the race engineering opas block offs but it apears they are no longer available, is there an alternative to buy or will i have to make my own? do they do much to the ride?

    any advice would be great.


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    Sorry, you wont want to hear this but you need a T3 hull. You can fiddle with OPAS, skegs, etc all day long, but to cut up the rough stuff RXPX with T3.

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    Mine was a pig at even 50 mph like ridding the old gp-1200 would bounce and unhook my ski runs over 80 now and stays in the water. this was money well spent.

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    thanks for link, ive just ordered them. i know its never going to be as quick as the big yams or kawasakis in the rough stuff so i am going to do everything i can to make it a little more user friendly. i live 2 hours form the sea so most of my riding is on lakes so i think i want to stick with this ski for now. does the extended ride plate help much? or riva sponsons?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    the usual racing line for my rxp!

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    Yes I agree with tornado, the new rxp is absolutely amazing in the rough chop, i have ridden with a few guys that have older rxps and while they haul ass on lakes they physically cant hang in anything over a ripple. these are also guys that have every mod available.

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    the old rxps are just too small
    and the hull is too flat, it hits a wave and sends you flying
    where the new hull has a deep V and cuts those waves

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    If you have to stick with the RXP the only thing I know of to add is the 2" pump extension. Adambomb had one for sale. Not sure if he still does?
    Otherwise like others have said, go to the new 2012 or newer RXP-X T3 hull. It is amazing!!

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    I really liked the R&D intake grate and flattening out the ride plate some on my 08 RXP.

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    Rough water means a lot of coming unhooked.

    Plan on rebuilding the s/c every 40 hrs.
    I've seen my share of rough water on px skis and every s/c blew in 55 hrs or less.
    Be safe and rebuild it before she grenades.
    Just my .02

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