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    Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

    Is anyone going to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show next week. It starts on 10/30 and goes through 11/03.

    Has anyone been in the past, and are the deals really as good as I hear they tend to be?

    I'm strongly considering selling my '04 Yamaha FX HO with ~140 hours, and buying two new one's. I've always heard that good deals can be had at the boat shows, and I saw that Yamaha and Riva are going to be exhibitors at the boat show.

    Which day do you guys think would be the best day to go? I can only go on the first two days, or on the last day. The way I see it, they might offer the best deal on the last day if they haven't sold as much as they wanted to. However, the downside is that they might've reached their goal already, and then not work as hard to sell, or they might not have what I want by then. Same thing basically applies to the first day... they might not want to deal as hard, because they still have time to sell, or they might work hard to try and get some sales going.

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    kinda late response, but hey yes you actually can make some really good deals there, we go every year and end up with either selling or trading some skis and get killer deals on boats! We also do all our Boat Rental Fort Lauderdale business there too durring that event

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    I ended up going on the first day of the show. The deals on the boats seemed pretty good. Jet ski wise, the only vendor there was Riva, and it seemed to me like they were there more to show than to sell. They're "boat show special" was just a tiny bit under regular price and they throw in a 3 yr warranty on Yamaha or 4 yr warranty on seadoo.

    They never once spoke pricing or offered to make a deal, and actually said to stop by the store instead. That's why I had the feeling that they weren't really doing any sales at the show.

    However, the guy that I spoke to at the show, was very nice and helpful. He answered all my questions and showed me all the new features and options.

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