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    RXP rideplate REassembly

    I'm putting a ride plate back together and it's occurring to me that the rubber gasket that seals the 2 halves together doesn't seem as though it's "tall" enough to seal perfectly. Seems like it's a little "tired" and lost it's natural flex....not convinced the top plate is sitting totally on the seal when mocked up.

    Has anyone had leaks after reassembling these OEM ride plates? I don't want to squirt gasket maker all around it since it's not designed to need that.


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    Oh, are these gaskets replaceable?

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    AtoMIC_OraNGE greenbullet's Avatar
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    clean up the gasket and surface and re assemble.. as long as its not torn your should be ok.. just make sure the 2 tabs and sitting proper

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    Cool thanks...yea its all been cleaned up. Just wasn't sure how flat the seals have been on other plates. I guess it will be good with the screws all torqued down.

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    Be sure to start tightening the screws from the middle working outwards!

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    Yes, good point to remember!...Thanks

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    Did mine this year with the same concern. Put it back together and, zero issue. You will be fine.

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    they take the entire brunt of the machine so it naturally compresses

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    So I never got around to actually reassembling it a few weeks ago but want to very soon. But, I just noticed while mocking it all up (including the coolant ports), the base of the "port" just floats in position before screwing on the top stalk of the port.

    This is a not my original '05's an 06 or 07 with these newer plastic parts. So, is that base supposed to just float around in position until I actually screw the top portion on from inside the ski?

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    BUMP - for the guys at home this Saturday night lol

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